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 Home Security Services From Total Security Systems

Protect your home or place of business from burglary, fire, smoke and heat damage, and even carbon monoxide poisoning with high quality Honeywell products from Total Security Alarm. Fire safety is crucial to keep your loved ones and valuable assets safe from harm, and Total Security Systems offers some of the finest home alarm, smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors on the market today. 
The good news is that you do not have to become a statistic. The professionals at Total Security have what you need to protect your home today from forcible entry attempts and other safety concerns. If you are ready to update your home security protection, it is time to talk to the experts at Total Security Systems.

Our large selection of state-of-the-art alarms and home security services will eliminate your home safety concerns and give you peace of mind knowing you have done everything possible to guard your home, family, and valuable assets.

From sophisticated alarms to high-tech alarm equipment, Total Security Systems has what you need to keep your family feeling safe around-the-clock. Talk to us today about securing your home and its perimeter with high quality home security alarms and equipment.

                  Some of the high quality home security services and products we offer include 

  •    Monitored Alarm Systems and Surveillance.
 Total Security Alarm is proud to offer state-of-the-art 24/7 home monitoring from Guardian Protection. Our five-diamond monitoring centers react instantly to any security breaches that occur within your home. A monitored alarm system provides comprehensive home security and surveillance for all areas of your home, from window and door sensors to motion and glass break detectors. Our monitoring center will contact you immediately after they receive a signal and send the appropriate police, fire or medical authorities to your home. 

  •    Alarms. Total Security Systems specializes in state-of-the-art alarm systems from Honeywell, one of the most trusted brands in the home security industry. Whether you are looking for a wireless or hardwired alarm, a cellular communicator, or an alarm with a wireless keypad or wireless key remote, Total Security Alarm has what you need, in-stock and ready for installation.
  •    Door Sensor. Want to know instantly if your door security has been breached? A Honeywell door sensor alarm system from Total Security Alarm is for you. This system can be installed on any door and is a reliable and convenient way to take safety into your own hands.

  •    Window Sensor. With a Honeywell window sensor from Total Security Alarm, you can feel confident that your home is protected day and night from unwanted visitors. We also offer Honeywell glass break detectors for windows in your home. Protecting any window in your home is easy when you have a quality glass break detector or window sensor from Total Security

  •    Motion Detector. For increased home security, Total Security Alarm offers a Honeywell motion detector that will alert you to any suspicious movement inside or outside your home, no matter the range of distance you wish to cover. This wireless motion sensor comes with pet immunity to ensure you do not get any false alarms. 
           At Total Security Alarm, you can count on us to provide you with some of the best home security systems in the industry. We offer products from today’s leading home safety brands, affordable prices, and the most reliable service available. You can trust Total Security Alarm to provide you with state-of-the-art home security options that will effectively protect your most precious assets: your family, home, and possessions.

Remember, you have the power to protect your own home from burglary, unwanted intruders, and other dangerous crimes. Nationwide Alarm can set you on the path to complete home security today. Ready to get started? 
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Let Total Security Alarm customize a home security plan according to your specific needs. Call us today to find out what our home security services could do for you. For Baltimore Metropolitan alarm services, call toll free (800) 387-6070, local, call (410)321-0070, or E-mail us at You can also reach us with any home security questions through our contact us page.                                                                                                

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